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MYgen™ Plasmid Mini Prep Kit

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Mygene Gel & PCR Purification System

Plasmid Mini Prep Step
Gene Xpress Mygen Plasmid Mini Prep Kit
MYgen™ Plasmid Mini Prep Kit is designed to isolate more than 20 ug high purity plasmids using our spin column method. This kit is suitable for low copy plasmid to large sized circular DNA isolation such as fosmid and BAC clone. MYgen™ Plasmid Mini Prep kit uses alkaline-lysis method coupled with our patented glass microfiber membrane. The end product can be apply to various molecular down stream applications such as PCR, cloning, sequencing, in-vitro transcription etc.

Spin column type
Membrane: Patented Glass microfiber
Column binding capacity : 20 ug DNA/column
Sequencing grade
Low copy plasmid prep
Large size circular DNA (Fosmid, BAC clone) prep

Multiplex PCR
Allele specific PCR
Hot start PCR
TA Cloning
Molecular diagnostics

Storage Temperature
Room temperature
(4°C, in the case of Buffer B2 upon mixing with RNase A)

Expiration Date
1 year and 6 months
(In case of storage at room temperature)

Comparison data on purification yield of plasmids between Mygen and other major brands in the market
Gene Xpress Mygen Plasmid Mini Prep Kit

Important Notes

1. Cell culture time: At least 12 ~ 16 hrs
2. Culture volume: 1 mL - 5 mL
3. Washing buffer: Keep fresh
- Old washing buffer could degrade the yield
- Make it fresh

Ordering Information

- B1
- B2
- EB
- WB Bottle
- Spin Column & Collection Tube
- RNase A
- Blue Indicator

Blue Indicator
Our Blue Indicator is a ph indicator that helps users visually check for ph changes during the separation process of plasmids. This indicator is provided in the kit and it’s use is optional based on user preference. Users can use it after reconstituting with deionized water and upon mixing into the B1 buffer before experiment. The Blue Indicator will become transparent after B2 buffer mixing step. Our Blue Indicator just acts as a color visualizer and does not affect the extraction efficiency or the yield of the plasmids.

Gene Xpress Mygen Plasmid Mini Prep Kit

Brand Cat. No. Product Size
Gene Xpress MYP101-100 MYgen™ Plasmid Mini Prep Kit 100 preps
Gene Xpress MYP101-200 MYgen™ Plasmid Mini Prep Kit 200 preps

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